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How have I survived two pregnancies without a onesie? 


I don’t know where I have been or what I have been thinking, but eight months in to my second pregnancy I have only just discovered the absolute bliss of the onesie.

They’ve been around so long, everyone I know has at least one – even my husband has a grumpy care bear one that I bought him for Christmas (one day he will wear it, even if only for April’s entertainment) and it has just never occurred to me how perfect a baggy, fleecy, cosy giant babygrow is for a pregnant mama!  No waistband! Oh heaven! My big bump is completely unrestricted and free! And when they zip down the front like this one…hello breastfeeding!

Basically this blog post is just a love letter to my £10 Disney Princess onesie, and a definate recommendation to all those mamas out there still putting up with a waistband. So much cheaper than maternity wear too! You may look ridiculous (even my one and a half year old daughter finds me hilarious in this – and she watches teletubbies) but you feel like Wonder Woman!

Here’s to enjoying the remainder of my pregnancy waist band free!




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