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Homemade goodies posted through your letterbox – a pregnant woman’s dream! 


I’d been waiting for it for ages – watching and waiting for Biscoff Week before finally placing my first order with BordersBakeShop after weeks of watching their Instagram feed and drooling over all their delicious makes. I did not regret it.
A delicious home made batch of goodies delivered straight through your post box, the theme of which changing each week, (themes like peanut butter, toberlerone, cookie dough – the deliciousness seems to escalate week by week) what’s not to love? This service was surely sent from the heavens especially for heavily pregnant women – especially when said women have cravings for Biscoff and it’s suddenly Biscoff week!

It’s really easy to order, every Monday morning the theme of the treat box is announced on Facebook and Instagram and all you need to do is send a message to order one, you will be asked for your PayPal email address and be sent an invoice, once paid your order is complete and there’s nothing to do but sit at your window waiting for the post man!

Here is what was in my box…

Hand on heart, this box made my week. It was absolutely delicious, i could have wept with how tasty it was! I don’t even like fudge – and I polished it all off in a sugar induced euphoria. This lady has talent. I will definately be ordering again, I can’t wait to see what the theme is for next week’s treat boxes!
Thank you to BordersBakeShop for making this pregnant woman very very happy.
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Facebook –

Borders Bake Shop Facebook Page
Instagram –

Borders Bake Shop Insta Feed




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